A Quick Break Down on Armco Crash Barrier

What is Armco Crash Barrier?

Armco crash barrier is a type of corrugated steel barrier system ideal for off-highway applications.

The barrier helps to prevent accidents and damage that can occur from moving vehicles such as forklifts, cars or lorries to assets and pedestrians.

This makes the system popular to install within car parks, warehouses, loading bays and more to help meet legal health and safety obligations.

Armco can also be used as an effective solution for segregating traffic by using lengths of beams and posts to create a zoned area for designated traffic movement.

Similar to the old style of open box beam barrier, the Armco Crash Barrier is a much more functional system and as a result, the open box beam barrier has become obsolete. 

What are the benefits of installing Armco Crash Barrier?

Accident Prevention - Armco acts as a barrier between pedestrians and assets around forklifts, lorries and other vehicles shielding them from harm and helping to meet legal health and safety obligations in and around the workplace.

Installing an Armco barrier will help to prevent costly damages to stock, buildings and assets as well as prevent injury to personnel.

armco barrier

Helps to meet legal health & safety obligations - Armco crash barrier is an effective method for pedestrian and vehicle segregation in warehouses and storage facilities. The barrier system helps to meet with  the guidance of a "physical barrier to prevent  pedestrians or vehicles straying into each other’s areas." as mentioned in the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) guidance HSG76 for Warehousing and Storage Safety. 

Versatility - Armco is modular in design and many components can be utilised together to create a fully secure barrier system able to fit many application requirements.

For example, beams, posts and ends can be fixed together to provide large meterage of barriers in and around buildings. Or the system can be installed around zoned areas for protection in more compact areas using shorter beams and various styles of post.

armco barrier in car park

Durability - Armco crash barrier beams are designed for heavy-duty applications and have corrosion-resistant properties. The beams themselves are made to withstand a significant amount of impact from moving vehicles. All components are also hot dip galvanised giving a minimum outdoor service life of 25 years.  

What products we supply:

At Lockinex, we have a huge range of Armco crash barrier products in stock to suit many project and legal requirements.

All of our Armco products can be used separately or utilised together to create an effective safety barrier solution. 

Take a look at our technical brochure on Armco Crash Barrier to find out more information or contact our sales team to find out how we can assist with your upcoming project revolving around Armco today.




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