How To Get the Most Out of Your Garden This Summer
Since the pandemic, over 45% more people are spending time outside in their gardens.

Studies suggest that spending time in the garden improves our health and well-being. In 2021, over 80% of people felt that being outside in nature made them happier and feel connected with nature. What's more, over 90% believed it was good for their mental health.

So, imagine the benefits of having the perfect outdoor living space. Designed to make you relax, unwind and improve your physical, social and mental well-being.

Outdoor spaces are perfect for hosting dinner parties, summer BBQs and casual hangouts with friends and family.

Spring is the perfect time to start getting your dream space ready, just in time for summer to use all season long.

Here are five things you can do to make the most out of your garden and outdoor living spaces:

Install Decking

Adding decking will transform your garden by helping to enhance its aesthetic features. It will also produce a comfortable area for lounging, socialising and entertaining guests. There are a lot of styles to choose from, depending on your preferences, budget and required usability. The most popular options are made from composite materials or natural wood, such as timber.

 Composite Decking

Made from recycled wood and plastic, composite is easy to maintain with no need for any upkeep using oils, stains, or decking cleaners.

Composite decking is known for its durability, strong UV, moisture and pest resistance. It also lasts much longer than its alternatives. This decking offers a sleek modern style with various colours available to choose from that can fit many different aesthetical choices.

It is a good investment if you are looking for a good quality decking that will stand the tests of time. If you are thinking of having a more natural deck effect, there are many composite styles, such as wood grain which can be strikingly accurate to real wood without the downsides.

Traditional Decking

Natural wood decking, such as timber, offers a budget-friendly option. Although it will need quite a bit of upkeep to make sure it does not rot or splinter.
If you want a natural deck for your garden, you will need to watch out for pests like termites as they will be attracted to the wood and can cause significant damage.

Be careful when choosing your deck as this type of decking can fade over time and will need regular staining to keep its vibrancy.

 Place Some Furniture

Garden or patio furniture will make your space seem more inviting and relaxing. Adding staple pieces such as chair loungers and sofas for people to sit will make your space the perfect spot to read a book, hang out with friends or just sit and enjoy the natural environment you are in.
By adding a table, alfresco dining is possible and makes those summer BBQs more enjoyable.
If you are worried about the sun, add a parasol or pergola to create some shade. These also shelter you from the rain and weather in the colder months resulting in you getting more use out of the space.

You could even add a firepit to use as an outdoor grill for the area which can be used for summer BBQs, toasting marshmallows and to keep warm during chilly weather.

 Add a Hot Tub

Hot tubs are known to relax and release tension. As well as being known as hotspots for social interaction able to produce many popular events with friends and family.

Make sure to add a suitable surface underlay though. No one wants to step foot on wet grass after coming out of the hot tub. This is where decking comes in.
It’s important to pick the right type as the decking will need to be highly resistant to water to stop it from warping or rotting. You don’t want to have to keep replacing the decking so it’s best to pick a durable material if you are planning to install a hot tub.

Composite decking is usually suggested for this reason. Natural wood can also be used but this will need a lot of maintenance and waterproofing before it is suitable.

Add Some Plants

If you are looking to have add some more aesthetical elements and personalisation to your space, plant some of your favourite flowers, plants or succulents.
It will help you to feel more connected to nature and feel more relaxed thanks to the pleasant aromas and eye-catching colours.

Upgrade Fencing

Upgrading your fencing will make your garden or outdoor living space feel complete and like your own personal sanctuary.

We suggest composite fencing as not only will it give the space a more modern look it can also withstand harsh weather and is easy to install.



At Lockinex, we supply various colours and finishes of both Composite Decking & Composite Fencing. We also offer a 15-year warranty on our Composite Decking.

Contact us today to get your very own sample or find out how we can supply our products to you for creating your dream garden or outdoor living space.


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