Tube Cutting Service


Number of Cuts Per 1 Dimension: Less than 10
Sale price£1.36 GBP


We have full tube cutting.

We are now able to cut full bundles of tube In House.

If you require a constant dimension cut numerous times, we are able to reduce cutting costs-Please call to discuss.

Tube cutting is charged at £0.70 per constant cut of 10 or more tubes of one dimension.

Cuts of irregular dimensions (less than 10 constant cuts) are charged at £1.22 per cut. (This increase is to cover the cost of changing machine settings).

Cuts are NOT engineering cuts, therefore they are generally +/- 10mm accuracy.

Please order the amount of full-lengths of tube/s that you estimate you require to obtain your cut lengths.

Before proceeding, we will double-check this and confirm those quantities are correct.

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