Sliding Gate Drive Track

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Channel for 8 Wheeled Carrier: 8mm Thick 2m Long-500kgs Gate
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Sliding Gate/Drive Track.

Toothed Drive Track - 2mtr lengths.

3 Thicknesses for 500kg, 1000kg & 1500kg gates.

Includes 3 Bolts & 3 Standoff Bushes.

How does it work ?

The drive track is toothed to exactly match the drive sprocket of the drive motor/operator. The drive track is affixed to one side of the bottom framework of the actual gate. With the "Standoff bushes" setting the track away from the side of the gate frame.

The motor is then fixed to the ground, the motor drive sprocket aligned directly under the gate track.

When the motor is operated the drive sprocket drives the track either forward or backward, opening or closing the gate.

(Further details are included in the Drive motor/operator instructions)

Visit here for your free Sliding Gate Hardware brochure download which contains all product details.

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