Why GRP Is Preferred Over Steel

What is GRP And Its Origins?

GRP which stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic or Polymer was first developed in the 1930s for use to construct various building parts.

GRP or GFRP is made up of a combination of both polymer and glass fibres which are bonded together with a resin, usually Polyester or Vinyl Ester. The combination of plastic, resin and glass fibres forms what is known as a composite material. Composite materials are made up of at least two different materials or chemicals that have complementary properties to form a new material.

What Are the Benefits of Glass Reinforced Plastic Compared to Steel?

One of the reasons why GRP is so popular is because it’s a strong alternative to steel, concrete, or wood.

Unlike steel, concrete, or wood it is:benefits to grpTop 3 GRP Resin Types:

Unlike other suppliers who offer Orthophthalic GRP gratings, our GRP gratings are made from Isophthalic resin as standard. However, we do also offer Vinyl Ester GRP gratings by special requests.

grp resin table comparisonThe versatility of GRP is endless. Check out the GRP products we offer here at Lockinex below:

Lockinex GRP gratings which are made from Isophthalic resin and fire resistant to BS EN 13501-1:2018 Class B, S1, D0 flame spread, comes in a variety of colours, sizes and apertures. Making it the perfect option for many  applications throughout various industries as a safe flooring solution.
grp grating
Lockinex GRP Modular Handrail is made up of our key clamp and tube components to create a fully non-conductive, warm-to-the touch handrailing system which has been installed at various railway sites and chemical plants throughout the UK.
grp handrail
Lockinex GRP Non-Slip Stair Tread Covers - Combined with our steel stair treads, GRP covers & nosings provide anti-slip resistance and high visibility of steps to assist the user when climbing up stairs.
grp stair tread cover
Lockinex GRP Non-slip sheets are provided to create a non-slip surface on landings and/or walkways. A popular product in the health & safety industry to prevent slips.
grp flat sheet

We also supply other GRP products to the industry such as GRP ladder rung covers for our highly popular Access Ladder kits for working at height and our GRP Pultruded profiles such as I beams, angle and more.

To find out more about what GRP products we offer, take a look at our Non-Slip Technical Brochure or contact our sales team at sales@lockinex.com.grp technical brochure

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