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What are key clamps?

Devised in the 1900's key clamps have been used to create a more efficient, adaptable way to construct various structures such as handrails, racking, shelves and much more.

A key clamp is a cast iron fitting with a hot dip galvanised finish/coating with grub screws used to join galvanised steel tubes together to create various sized structures.

The use of key clamps means that a structure can be built, deconstructed, transported and rebuilt a lot easier and quicker and helps to take up less storage space and decrease material costs.

vintage filter key clamp

How many types of key clamp are there?

There are various different types of key clamps depending on the size of the tube you are using and the style/shape of the key clamp you need to create your required final structure.

Key clamps are typically available in 2 forms: The first is steel clamps with a hot dip galvanised finish and the second is GRP key clamps with a yellow finish.

Some common shapes are: Long Tees, Short Tees, 90 degree Elbows, Base Plates and Crosses.

collage of key clamp fittings


What are they commonly used for?

Key clamps are used for both industrial and domestic settings.

For industrial use, key clamps are typically used to create temporary or permanent handrails for walkways and/or footpaths etc. They can also be used to create product storage racking in and around warehouses.

key clamp handrail newhaven

Domestically, due to the diversity of key clamps, they can be used to create kits of all different sorts of household items that can be easily assembled and dismantled such as closets, gym equipment, shelving units and furniture frames e.g chairs, benches, stools etc.

shelf with key clamp

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